Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving Fun w/ Tim 'n Wendy!

I decided to start a new blog. My former blog "Girls on Film" was actually created by my friend Sky (who has since lost interest) and therefore many of the features were inaccessible to me. The title was also problematic, as it required me to publish things that were relevant and/or consistent. But no more! Let the haphazard ramblings begin!

My first topic is going to be Packing Up All My Shit, which has thus far proven to be an extremely unpleasant task. First there are the time constraints - up until yesterday, I had two jobs and worked every single day, so all my packing had to be done either in the hours prior to 8AM (already designated for sleeping) or following 11PM (already designated for Beer 'n Netflix.) Today was my first day off since I got home from the beach, and unfortunately YESTERDAY was the day my overlords Timothy and Wendy wanted to move my stuff to Port Matilda. To combat this looming deadline, I decided to give a bunch of shit to Goodwill. Hopefully none of it will be missed, although I'm afraid I might be adopting a patented Timothy trait, which is to just pack nothing and buy new stuff when you get there. In my own defense, I had a ton of ridiculously unnecessary items. For instance, I had twelve steak knives in my kitchen, and given my current consumption rate of zero steaks per year, I found twelve to be a bit superfluous. I still have 3 DVD players - my old, shitty DVD player, my PS2, and my Blu-Ray Player. The old, shitty DVD player still works, but for some reason it skips on movies with more than 24 scene chapters. Not sure what to do with it.

I also got rid of a ton of clothes. Until this year I've had a pretty bad habit of holding onto old clothes for all eternity. I go through my closet determined to scale back and end up rationalizing every article with some sort of BUT WHAT IF I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW IN AN ICE STORM reaction. As of this month I still had clothes from ninth grade - an era not known for its dazzling fashions. Plus I generally just cycle through the same three outfits anyway. That being said I still packed 30 hoodies. Rome wasn't built in a day?

It looks like the Wegmans people are eyeing me up. They keep trying to awkwardly clean around me, even though they don't close for two hours. But I guess they've won this round so I'll just leave.

Next time I post, I could be in Pittsburgh with my very own internet access!!